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Provider Manual

Health Risk Assessment

Last Updated on May 20, 2020

All newly enrolled Security Health Plan Medicare Advantage members are encouraged to complete an Health Risk Assessment (HRA) within 90 days of enrollment.

The HRA process is intended to identify Medicare Advantage members who may have high-risk health care needs and provide baseline health status for care management programs. The process allows Security Health Plan to refer Medicare Advantage members into three areas of care:

  • Case management
  • Disease management
  • Wellness management

Newly enrolled Medicare Advantage members are encouraged to register for their My Security Health Plan online account to access the online WebMD Health Risk Assessment.  Go to for information on how to create your account and complete your HRA. If you do not have online access you can request a paper copy of the HRA by calling Customer Service at 1-877-998-0998.

Completed HRAs are reviewed and those Medicare Advantage members identified as high-risk are contacted by a health coach to assess the need for case management, disease management or wellness interventions.

Online wellness programs

Health assessment
All Medicare Advantage members are encouraged to complete a health assessment within 90 days of enrollment and one time each year you are a Security Health Plan member. The health assessment asks basic questions about your diet, exercise, sleep, health history and lifestyle. In about 10-minutes you will receive a complete picture of your health and a plan to help reach your best self.  You can also talk with a health coach to get the support and advice you need to move forward with your  health and wellness goals.

My Digital Health Assistant
You’ve taken your health assessment. You’ve received your personalized action plan. Great. Now start reaching your goals with your online Health Assistant.  Whether you want to lose weight, quit tobacco, manage stress exercise more, or boost your mood, your Health Assistant has a plan for you. Take it one step at a time by setting small goals and tracking your progress along the way. All tips come from WebMD expert health coaches and you can track your progress using your smartphone or tablet.

Here are a few additional perks you will find:

Symptom Checker – Use the interactive symptom checker to see what could be causing your symptoms. Learn about causes, treatments and related conditions.

Health Topics provides you with and in-depth assessments and information about specific health conditions like depression, chronic fatigue and diabetes.

Mobile Applications – Health in the palm of your hand. Check out mobile apps that will help you begin and sustain an exercise habit, lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Transform small steps into healthy habits that last a lifetime.

And More – Watch videos covering emerging health trends, try out hundreds of healthy recipes with preparation tips and nutritional information, and complete brief interactive health-related questionnaires and calculators.